Financing – Quick And Easy

Aurora Roofing & Solar has partnered with MOSAIC to offer quick and easy approvals for your solar or roofing or solar/roof combo projects.

There are two MOSAIC loan types: PowerSwitch CHOICE and PowerSwitch PLUS.

Reasons to use MOSAIC financing:

Here are what the MOSAIC Choice and MOSAIC Plus loans can cover:

Monthly loan payments for both Choice and Plus are recalculated 18 months after the loan start date to allow you to apply the 30% Federal Tax Credit to the loan if you choose:

The loan process from start to finish will go like this:

…And it’s as simple as that!

Let us know at any time if you’re interested in financing your project.  Simply check the “interested in financing” box in the Solar or the Roofing AND Solar quote form, or email us at [email protected] or call/text us at 207-653-1575 and let us know.