Why Combine Roofing and Solar?

 If your roof is in decent shape, you won’t need to replace it for the purpose of going solar. But once a solar array is mounted on a roof, it’s difficult and costly to take it down and set it up again.

If your roof is leaking or in need of being replaced, that should probably be done before installing solar to ensure a sound and water tight installation for the duration of your system.

In addition, if the roof has to be replaced for the purpose of solar then you potentially can apply the 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit to the cost of the roof as well (obviously not applicable to ground mounts). Again, we recommend discussing this further with your tax professional.

Likewise if you are installing a new roof, there is no better time to install a solar system as well, rather than wait until the cost of not going solar is so high and then be faced with aging roof issues.

A new roof with a sleek new black on black solar array looks amazing and positions you and/or your business for the future, whatever chaos the weather or electric utility may bring!