Will Solar Work for You?

If your property has decent exposure to the sun, then solar will work for you. By “work” we mean solar can:

  1. Become a primary or secondary energy source for your home or business
  2. Save you a ton of money by paying for itself within a few years, especially with ever increasing and unpredictable utility rates
  3. Provide power during power outages
  4. Add value to your home functionally and aesthetically with sleek all black panels that are now cheaper and 12% more efficient than just 10 years ago.
  5. Help our environment with clean energy and lessen our reliance on fossil fuels.

In the northern hemisphere the sun rises and traces an arc through the southern sky, so panels in Maine should face as close to south as possible to maximize sun exposure.

A roof mounted solar array that faces south, southeast, or southwest and doesn’t have too much shading will produce upwards of 0.8 kilowatt hours of power per square meter per day on average throughout the year.

The average home in Maine uses about 19 kilowatt hours of power per day, which could be supplied by just a 10 foot by 20 foot solar array with proper angle and orientation.

This year (2024) the federal government is offering a 30% Federal Tax Credit (FTC) on all solar installations. That includes all labor, equipment, batteries, and directly related work. That credit drops to 26% in the year 2033 and then drops to 22% in 2034 and expires after that.

With all the advantages to going solar  combined with the 30% Federal Tax Credit, this is the best time in history to consider harnessing the sun!

To see exactly how solar can work for you simply request a quote and we can get you a ballpark figure in no time using satellite imagery and your average power bill. No pushy sales people, just friendly and honest answers.